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About the settlement


     Exclusive sites with all the benefits and facilities in one of the largest and prestigious settlement of city of Vilnius named Kalnenai, located just few minutes from the city center.

     Sites for sale are in already populated part of district, in a quiet place. Their purpose is residential land. Sites are intended for construction of low-rise individual and block single-family houses and duplexes.

     We also offer to the investors a residential building parcel, located in the main Juodupio Street, for development of blocks at the very attractive terms of superficies with the possibility of building the commercial premises on the ground floor.

     The settlement is equipped with all communications like the city: gas, electricity, water, sewerage, Internet access. Streets are well-lit at nights. There are sidewalks and other facilities.

    Sites at Švedų, Prancūzų, Rukainių, Juodupio and Kalnėnų Streets are located just 5 minutes walk on foot to the bus station or grocery store. Cozy park is also very close, while going to it You will spend no more than 5 minutes. Cathedral Square You will reach just after 5 km.

   There is a huge shopping center near the settlement Kalnėnai, 3 minutes going by car, which houses the grocery store "MAXIMA", as well as many other various stores and service businesses. It is already built and opened a new bypass from the shopping center, which will help easily and quickly reach the next part of the city, too. There are a school, kindergarten and grocery store "IKI" nearby to sites for sale. There are gas stations and car wash nearby this store and supermarket “MAXIMA”. There is Liepkalnis Ski Area and many other benefits and facilities besides the following descriptions of the settlement near houses.

    Kalnėnai is expanding rapidly. The number of houses in the settlement is steadily increasing. Nearby the settlement also sprang up at least one block complex. Construction in Kalnėnai was not stopped even during crisis period and successfully is going on till now.

   Nearby houses are ranging along Ribiškiai landscape reserve and Pavilnys Regional Park, where from the hill is opening beautiful panorama of the city. Settlement itself is located on the hill, so the air is much cleaner than in other urban areas. In addition, it is one of the first settlements of private houses in Vilnius, already started to build in 2000, so everything in it is best developed. High number of population has settled here during more than ten years in the beautifully designed houses and impeccably well-kept area. So, living here is much more comfortable and safer than in the settlements, in which until now was built only about 20 houses.

    The settlement is protected by one of the largest security companies "Grifs AG". Those who equipped security alarm system in their houses, patrol arrives faster than to other urban areas, because this city part is perfect accessible even from several sides. Asphalted approach is thrown almost up to site for sale.

Distances to the stores:

~ 0,3 km – store "IKI"
~ 1,5 km – huge shopping mall "MAXIMA"

Distances to the schools:

~ 1,7 km — Vilnius “Pavilnio” primary school
~ 2,2 km — Vilnius "Vilnies" primary school
~ 3,0 km — "American International School of Vilnius"
~ 3,3 km — Public Institution "Vilniaus Valdorfo mokykla" (eng.“Waldorf School of Vilnius”)
~ 4,5 km — "Vilniaus privati gimnazija" (eng. “Private gymnasium of Vilnius”)

Distances to the kindergartens:

~ 1,6 km — Nursery school-kindergarten of Vilnius "Žiogelis"
~ 2,6 km — Kindergarten of Vilnius "Naminukas"
~ 3,0 km — Public Institution "Metų laikai"
~ 4,5 km — Kindergarten "Strazdanėlės"
~ 4,5 km — The French school - kindergarten "Ecole Francaise De Vilnius"

Distances to the health care institutions:


~ 5 min. — "Medicinos diagnostikos ir gydymo centras" (eng. “Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center”) at Grybo Street
~ 5 min. — "Šeimos medicinos centras" (eng. “Family Medical Center”)
~ 7 min. —  Health Medical Center "Northway"

Distances to the sports clubs:


~ 10 min. — "Forum Fitness" sports club
~ 10 min. — "Impuls" sports club

Distance to the public transportation:

~ 0,3 km — buses and taxies stop